New paper: Empirical study on rhetoric and institutionalization of managerial practices in two German banks

„This paper analyzes how rhetoric is associated with the legitimation and institutionalization of managerial practices. Since rhetoric both shapes and reflects an actor’s legitimacy assumptions, rhetoric can be used as an indicator of the institutionalization or cognitive legitimacy of managerial practices. Drawing on and expanding previous research on rhetorical theory and verbal accounts, this paper links argumentation structure and form with processes of institutionalization. The empirical analysis draws on a large text corpus of data from two German banks, both of which implemented drastic downsizing measures. The results show that the process of institutionalization is related to both a decline in argument diversity and a shift from defensive to acclaiming arguments.“

Source: Hossfeld, H. (2018). Legitimation and institutionalization of managerial practices. The role of organizational rhetoric. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 34(1), 9-21. You may find the articel here:

Source of the picture: (the picture is an illustration in the book: „Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland“ by Lewis Carrol, you may find it here:, and at several other websites).

Boni für Manager abschaffen – sagt Thielemann

Der Wirtschaftsethiker Ulrich Thielemann meint, dass man alle Boni abschaffen sollte. Er erörtert in einem Radiointerview unterschiedliche Sichtweisen über die Wirkungen von Boni. Das kann man hier nachhören.


Robert Reich

„According to the Institute for Policy Studies, the $26.7 billion of bonuses Wall Street banks paid out last year would be enough to more than double the pay of every one of America’s 1,085,000 full-time minimum wage workers.“

via Robert Reich.

Workshop „Critical Management Studies“ an der TU Chemnitz

Vom 30.-31. Mai 2013 findet an der TU Chemnitz der dritte Workshop des Forums „Kritische Organisationsforschung“  zum Thema „Critical Management Studies“ statt (Leitung: Jun.-Prof. Ronald Hartz ) . Eine Anmeldung ist noch bis zum 22.Mai möglich. Programm zum Download: Forum KOF – Workshop 2013 Programm.